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        Use scheme

        Common problem

         Can use wall putty for exterior wall waterproof leveling when?

        Generally do not recommend using putty for exterior wall, there are two reasons:
        One is compared with the inner wall putty for exterior wall putty, the price will be higher.
        Second, putty for exterior wall compared to the decorative wall putty to many, such as Whiteness: because add the white cement, white degree low; exquisite degree: used in exterior wall putty powder to Binet wall putty thick, after grinding metope flatness a lot worse.

        How to deal with the putty powder?

        Putty after drying off powder, can be considered from the following aspects:
        1) problems of putty binder itself;
        Gradually blurred gradually close to the volatilization of 2) binder does not play a role, adhesive adhesive mechanism containing powder wet mortar with water at the grassroots level absorption, hydraulic reaction of material consumption, surface to air and reduce, resin particles and interface, resin gradually became the mutual fusion, and ultimately become a continuous polymer connecting body. This process occurs mainly in the mortar hole and solid surface, so the formation of the bond. And if we as the batch putty layer is too thin or scraping forced ventilation or heating and drying, will cause water dissipation of losing too quickly, binder resin particles can not be good to form a connecting body, and thus the loss of the bond.

        Terms of settlement:

        A. mild off powder can use wet towel to get rid of the dust, then with interfacial agent for interface treatment, and batch blow, scraping and thickness;
        B. putty powder is recommended if serious, eradicated with interfacial agent interface treatment and scraping.

        How to deal with putty layer cracking

        Cracking cause:
        1) from external stresses, the change of dry and wet forming shrinkage cracks; temperature and thermal expansion and contraction produce temperature crack; wall structure deformation of static and dynamic loads cause structural cracks etc..
        2) internally, the quality of the products, construction technology (scraping thickness, interface processing), curing method and many other factors may cause cracking putty.

        Terms of settlement:

        A. wetting and drying, temperature changes, or group of scratch thick tiny crack: can be polished, besmear brushs interfacial agent after re instalment Guanizi, pay attention to control the thickness;
        B. number of large cracks through thickness caused by the treated coating interface agent, and then batch putty;
        C. wall cracking caused by large cracks, eradicate the besmear after gypsum paste mesh, putty scraping, if wall cracks larger, it is necessary to deal with the wall.

        How to prevent wall paint

        The bottom layer is not processed, the wall has floating powder.
        Treatment method:
        The old plaster to shovel the net, not a floating powder, the best treatment is with interfacial agent interface.
        How to judge the quality of putty

        To determine the quality of the putty is divided into three aspects:

        First, the appearance, mainly to see the appearance of whiteness, fineness, high whiteness, can assist to improve the coverage of the latex paint, high fineness makes the walls more smooth, brush paint after the appearance of better effect;
        Poor penetration of the package at the end of the life of the second, bond strength, bond strength determines the putty layer, the adhesive strength is poor wall hollowing, shedding, latex paint peeling reasons, in the decoration process we used putty layer completely dry after off powder to determine bond strength, adhesive putty high strength said Ming putty adhesive material powder adhesive, won't drop powder, also won't cause emulsioni paint peeling off phenomenon, but also reduce the putty layer in the gap, making putty layer is more compact, reduce the latex paint, thus saving the latex paint dosage, on the contrary, bond strength, putty layer would be off powder, will cause the latex paint peeling off a series of bad phenomenon.
        Construction and good putty must have excellent construction, on the one hand, can improve the efficiency of construction workers, reduces the labor intensity, also good construction are smooth smooth basic premise.

        How to keep the color consistent

        303 putty paste using natural raw materials development, do not add any toner, talcum powder color, is a normal phenomenon. Putty paste for bottom leveling material, after blowing, must to brush the paint, could not again have the chromatic aberration.
        The difference between latex paint and brush coating
        For batch after scraping putty wall, how to select the construction style of the latex paint, most owners do not understand. At present, there are many latex paint manufacturers free spray. Are you sure you want accept the free spray it? That we must first understand the spraying and brushing generally distinguished and choose again.
        Advantages of spraying: fast construction, short construction period, good flatness, full paint, texture difference is small.
        The shortcomings of spraying: paint loss, the late maintenance trouble, because the late maintenance, the workers can not pull the painting machine over repair, can only use a brush, brush out with the spray out of the texture is certainly different.
        Brush coating:
        Advantages: saving brush latex paint, paint brush painting texture, pattern, and convenient maintenance.
        Brush coating shortcomings: construction is relatively slow, the duration is relatively long, large brush coating effect and Yin angle, the lamp groove inside the brush pattern is different, there is texture difference.
        So that the owners in the choice of when to consider, choose their own way of construction. In addition, for the manufacturers give the spraying, also want to avoid the construction team is too rush period, the primer and topcoat storming get up, be sure to wait for each pass are dry and then spray again.

        The steps to paint the perfect wall

        1, plaster shovel. When dealing with the wall should the original old metope eradicated entirely, so as to effectively avoid of the old wall paint or putty to do the new wall, resulting in cracking, drum and other issues.
        2, knock the old wall. Fangxing change is needed, in new walls and of the old wall connections to for special treatment, namely the old wall knocking out a small part and then caulking paste fill level, and then paste the bandage, otherwise there will is a major site of cracking.
        3, cover the crack. If the original wall there is a small crack, that in the batch should be affixed before the inlay decorative bandage. Its good cover effect can be covered with all the cracks, to ensure that the wall after painting firmly, not easy to crack.
        4, plaster bandage. If water, wire pipe in the laying of the wall slotted, that in addition to the opening of the cement will be closed with the cement, but also should be affixed with a special decorative bandage above, these places will be easy to produce cracks in the future.
        5, brush glue. Paste decorated bandage can not leak brush glue this process, glue can let the bandage and the wall completely combination of compacting, otherwise coated putty and paint easy to play drums, affecting the wall appearance.
        6, play Moxian. On both sides of each other perpendicular to the wall if you want to paint color is different, norms of the company will in wall shade horn ink to ensure junction flat. Otherwise rely on visual is often difficult to achieve a satisfactory effect.
        7, to do the yang angle. When the block of the wall, and then a good worker is also very difficult hand to hand out of the positive angle line, the standard operation method should first use aluminum alloy side by side, from the other side of the wall, so that the effect can be guaranteed.
        8, putty. Don't to traditional small scraper, normative company will with big scraper to wall. With it number out of the wall not only more smooth and labor-saving and time-saving, extent also accelerated the construction progress.
        9, fine grinding. Group of sand the wall polishing again after the walls need to, in order to carry out the next step work. When the specification of the company will be made with fluorescent lamps or lighting light source side polished side to examine whether the formation of the wall.
        10, fill wall. After finished primer on the wall, the workers will again check the wall cracks, if it is found that timely putty for repairing and smooth. So as to thoroughly eliminate the wall cracking may occur in the future.

        Why do you want to control the putty scraping thickness should be controlled in the range of what?

        In the monolayer thin cause, because the putty with high moisture content (about 25%), drying and curing with water loss, will inevitably cause shrinkage, putty layer is thick, the shrinkage degree is high, therefore, putty layer too thick will be putty layer cracking phenomenon, so we require putty in batch scrape each scraping can not be too thick, if required scraping thickness is bigger, the need for repeated construction. On the contrary, if the putty layer number of scratch, will cause the loss of moisture too fast, putty layer of binder can not be fully into the membrane to bond, leading to dry off powder phenomenon. Therefore, we control requirements Nizi batch blow thickness 0.5-1 mm or so.

        Second hand housing decoration, wall treatment recommendations

         Many people are on the second-hand housing decoration wall how to deal with the question, here we have some of the accumulated experience to provide us with reference.
        First, make sure the base must be eradicated, can be soaked in water wall, then with the shovel in the wall trying to shovel, if can easily under the spade, before the renovation to use putty and paint quality is poor and need to completely eradicate, this case is also better to eradicate, eliminated in accordance with the normal wall treatment program construction can be.
        Secondly, if not eradicate, previously used putty and paint quality are high and there is no need to eradicate, processed in accordance with the wall. If the wall is smooth, only need to repair local cracking or uneven place, polished overall brushing latex paint can be; if the surface is rough not smooth, cleaning walls, after brushing interfacial agent, approves blows the putty, and then brushing latex paint.